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Heal your soul with the sound vibrations of your own voice as we sing together in a playful, sacred Kirtan.
Once your heart is wide open to receive the highest Love, lie back in your own cocoon and let the Sound Healing begin!

Last month, we went to a Vocal Empowerment workshop in Eugene, Oregon, led by Chitroop (Colin) Taylor. We both had so much fun with his playful, empowering style of leading Kirtan that we wanted to bring him to our home so you could experience the heart opening fun. Chitroop creates a container of joyful love where you feel free to be yourself and have fun connecting and creating with others.

We knew it would be a great mix with the Sound and Soul Healing we offer, so we are doing a combined event in our home on Sunday, December 9th, from 3-5:30 pm.

During the first part of this event Chitroop will lead us in exercises to find and strengthen our voices, and then lead us in beautiful devotional chants to open our hearts. For the second half of this event you will lie down in a cozy cocoon (bring blankets and a pillow!) and feel as well as hear the deep and gentle vibrations of didjeridus, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls and more being played on and over you. These ancient instruments create a beautiful sonic tapestry for your meditative sound journey.

We have so much Love and Healing to share. I know this is an extra busy time of year, this makes self care even more important.

Be Renewed and Empowered.
Be Surrounded by Divine Love.
Be Nourished, Heart-Opened and Soul-Fed.
Bring a friend or two and share the joy!

*$60 value for $45 this one time only
You’ll be receiving much more than you pay for.

Sunday, December 9th
* Only 9 spots available to ensure an intimate experience
* 3-5:30 pm, please plan to arrive by 2:45 to get settled
* Private residence:
5420 SW Idaho Street
Portland, OR 97221

* Bring blankets, pillow and optional eye cover for your comfort

The Kirtan experience is a heart soaring ecstatic joyful and blissful musical journey! No prior singing experience required. This is a mistake free environment, with an invitation to allow our true heart to emerge through sacred mantra. We sing for healing, for ourselves, for each other and for the health and happiness of all beings everywhere.

Chitroop Taylor is a multi-instrumentalist living in Eugene, Oregon, and is an ardent devotee of the Divine Mother.

“Aiyana, you’re like an angel. And Tom, I don’t even have a word for what you are, but that was the best sound bath I’ve ever experienced!”
Thérèse Schwenkler

Tom Lange, a masterful Sound Healer, plays with the intention that the music bring every cell in your body to its highest resonance. You can feel his pure intent as he plays his didgeridoos and myriad instruments over you, calling all your cells to vibrate in harmony together at a higher level.

Aiyana McKenzie, a masterful healer and channel of Love, will hold loving space and lead you in releasing and powerful grounding. She will continue to hold loving space and do energy work for the group throughout the entire event in order to help your heart return to its natural state of bliss and your body to relaxation.

We also do private sessions for individuals, couples, or small groups. People hire us for business events, private gatherings, and parties. Contact Tom Lange at 360-582-7257 or Aiyana McKenzie at 541-217-7090 with any questions or for more information.

  • When: Sun Dec. 9
    3:00 pm - 5:30 pm

  • Address: 5420 SW Idaho Street
    Portland OR,US 97221

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