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For your health, for your freedom, for your soul… Melt Your Mind.

Thursday, January 17th 7-8:30 pm

Blessings on your New Year! May you be present to enjoy each new moment of 2019. May you have all the love and support you need to shine and fly. To be present, we need to stop our chattering minds. When we are present in the moment, we have access to Divine Flow and Awareness of our ability to make powerful choices that steer our lives in alignment with our heart’s true desire.

At our last event on the eve of NYE, we all got clear on our deepest desire. Tom’s was (is) to have more Fire fueling his calling to melt people’s minds. He desires to bring more peace, joy and love to the world by stopping the mind chatter that creates inner suffering, stress, and isolation. He does this with his Sound Healing.

A new friend visited us yesterday and Tom gave her a ten minute taster of sound healing. Afterward, she said that she had an inner vision of what sound healing is doing. She said she could see the cells of her body aligning to the frequency he played, and that they became organized and connected, which brings health and inner peace. She had it exactly right! That is the intent with which he plays his instruments for you.

My deepest desire is to bring Healing and Love to the world. I do this by seeing and feeling the Love and Light that is at your core, and helping that inner truth move past the blocks that have kept it prisoner. I’m here to help people be free and be Love.

That is why we do these Sound Healing events.

If you’d like to keep strengthening and expanding you inner peace, love, light and joy, then mark your calendar and get your ticket for January 17. We’ll begin with 30 minutes of group practice to prepare your body to relax, your mind to melt, and your whole self to receive deeply. Then you’ll get comfy in your own little cocoon (bring blanket, pillow and optional eye cover for your comfort) and receive an hour of sound healing vibrations played to you and over you, vibrating the cells of your body to align to your highest health, peace and love. Tom’s didgeridoos will shake up the gunk and I will be doing energy healing to clear it away and deepen your inner freedom.

“It is wonderful! You just relax and let all the beautiful sounds melt all your tension away! Tom & Aiyana are powerful healers. The intention they set and the space they hold is safe, healing and unlike anything I have experienced before! I recommend everyone try it! You'll be hooked!”

Angela Phillips (Teacher of Conflict Resolution to children from North Bend, OR)

Bring pillow, blankets and optional eye cover for your comfort. (You will be lying on the floor for one hour.)

7:00-8:30 pm
Arrive by 6:30 if you want to settle in with a cup of warm tea.
Arrive by 6:45 so we can start by 7.

5420 SW Idaho Street, Portland 97221

Thank you so much for allowing us to serve you and supporting us in that service. We are here for you, and it is a great honor and blessing to give our gifts to you. Seeing you relax and shine fills our hearts with joy. If you feel that you would like to go even deeper, we offer Individual Sound Healing Sessions, Couples Sound Healing Sessions, and Small Group Private Sessions.

Sessions are with both of us (Tom and Aiyana together) focusing our energy on you, last for 90 minutes, and are held in our living room. We will also travel to you for an additional fee.

Prices before discount:
Individual: $125
Couples: $165
Small Group: 3-5 people $250, 6-9 people $300

Both of us are available individually (either Tom or Aiyana) for private sessions.

Prices before discount:
Individual: $85
Couples: $125
Small Group: 3-5 people $200, 6-9 people $250

Want an experience of deeper love this Valentines?

A Couples Session aligns you both to the same frequency so you are in harmony with each other, both atoned to the frequency of Love. It is a shared experience of Divine Love. You don’t have to be an intimate couple to have this experience. You can come with a friend, family member, or partner. It’s a beautiful and effective way to begin, renew, deepen or even close the love you share. For the month of February, Couples Sound Healing Sessions are 20% their regular price.

“Tom and Aiyana know how to channel deep energies and work pure magic
together. I’ve been to plenty of soundbaths in the past, but NEVER one like
Together they create a high vibrational container of pure bliss where I was
able to drop deeper into realms of consciousness, healing, and peace than
before…. By the end of the session, I could barely come out of my meditative
state, and I was enveloped by soothing, peaceful energies for the rest of the
evening. I continued to experience energetic shifts for days after.
If you think you’ve experienced a soundbath before… you probably haven’t .
At least, not one like this.”

~Therese Schwenkler

  • When: Thu Jan. 17
    7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

  • Address: 5420 SW Idaho Street
    Portland OR,US 97221

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